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If your practice is not ICD-10 compliant by Oct. 2015, your billing STOPS. Make sure you will be ready for the change.

The transition to ICD-10 represents a significant change for virtually every sector of the healthcare industry. It requires that physician practices, hospitals, health systems, payers, clearinghouses and software vendors discontinue use of the previous ICD-9 code set and adopt ICD-10 by October 1, 2015 Revolutionizing how healthcare information will be collected, documented and used, the ICD-10 code set provides a much more specific picture of the physician-patient encounter and plays an essential role in the practice of medicine — from how claims are processed and paid to analytics, research and quality measures.

Ultimately, the industry expects that ICD-10 will deliver:

  1. Better documentation
  2. Better financial and administrative performance
  3. Better patient care
  4. Better policies and decisions

Much of the world has been using ICD-10 for years, while the transition in the United States has been postponed a number of times. In preparation for ICD-10, X12 Version 5010 standards were a prerequisite adopted by the healthcare industry and implemented into Vitera products in January 2012. Due to the limitations of ICD-9, thought leaders recognize that the move to ICD-10 is a critical step for the healthcare industry in facilitating electronic data exchange.


While it may be several years before we see the positive impact of ICD-10, it is important to remember that this transition will make practices more efficient and data more reliable — ultimately improving the quality of patient care. Mandated by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), ICD-10 encompasses both diagnosis (CM) and inpatient procedure coding (PCS).




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